About the book

The DNA of Collaboration is a book by Chris Jones (@sourcepov). Why do some teams succeed, and others fail? We explore effective communication, a culture that welcomes free thinking, and the importance of letting ideas flow. Heavily researched, conversational, and insightful, the book provides a variety of visual aids, a glossary, and an index. It’s a comprehensive reference, taking inventory of challenges facing leaders in the 21st century organization.

Here’s some reader feedback on our KM chapter, first published here.

First released OCT 2012. Softcover available on Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9787566-1-1.

Check out our online readers guide, linkography and table of contents (with links to early reader feedback).

And it’s not just a book, it’s an on-going conversation.  Follow our dialog on twitter at hashtag #orgdna for new insights on collaborative learning.  Along with our readers, we’re very excited to remain active in the evolving space of effective collaboration.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’d love to compare notes.

Published by Amberwood Media Group.

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