It’s Time for New Choices (from the back cover)

More and more we’re called upon to collaborate – but the factors that determine our success can be elusive. Collaboration requires focus, intention, time and engagement, key elements that are far too scarce in the 21st Century.

Collaboration is a choice. And it’s a choice many will avoid.

With application across commercial, social and public domains, this book introduces Collaboration DNA as the basic building blocks of team-based problem solving, the tools needed to attack our ever more difficult challenges:

  • Frameworks – simple, accessible ways to describe our abstract ideas
  • Messaging – improving our communication through language, metaphor  & story
  • Relationships – exploring listening, culture change, interpersonal dynamics and new, more flexible modes of governance
  • Flow – expanding scenarios for space, roles and process, with a look at virtual tools and how social technologies are changing the game
  • Possibilities – looking at the evolution of  knowledge management, a return to critical thinking and a new appreciation for complexity

The world isn’t waiting for us. The pressure is on. We must find ways to unlock the potential of our organizations, many of them gridlocked by the structural hierarchies left over from the century-old Industrial Revolution. Collaboration is not easy. But it promises deep rewards for those who invest time in getting it right.

The DNA of Collaboration is a practical guide for teams who intend to do better. And it’s not just a book, it’s conversation. Keep an eye on hashtag #cdna as we begin to unpack the core topics online.

Here’s a look at that back cover, including some testimonials:


The DNA of Collaboration (back cover)

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3 responses to “It’s Time for New Choices (from the back cover)

  • Shannon Fatigante

    I am so excited to read this book! Collaboration is a word used but not often put into action. People are social beings, meant for interaction. When we isolate ourselves, our perceptions can become distorted. Social, according to, is “living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation.” I appreciate your perspective in this book that people are more productive when connected. It makes me think of an unplugged lamp, lacking energy, dark and uninteresting… now, plug in that lamp and you have spark, light, and vision. Same concept applies to a social environment; we are energized through various venues that encourage collaboration, but we must be plugged in. I also believe that connecting across departmental lines reduces the tendency to work in silos. A more organic form of communication flows through various outlets which increases knowledge sharing. I’m excited to see those lamps light up–because, after all, who wants to work in the dark?


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