Coggle (our Roadmap)

Big thanks to Jamie Billingham for introducing us to Coggle, a mind mapping tool that’s allowed us to capture our preliminary thoughts on the Future of Work.  The conversation may move beyond this outline. This just gets us started.

In fact, our Coggle model is already evolving with the conversation, as we learn more.

Here’s the latest release – what we have so far – for reflection and discussion.  As a reference during our chats, we’ll refer back to it; we started discussing the upper left branch, in yellow, during the fall of 2017, and our working our way counter-clockwise during 2018.

For more in depth viewing, try the ORGDNA-FutureOfWork PDF .

You may also reference/save this JPG:

We hope you’ll enjoy developing ideas on this as much as we are. There’s lots of energy when new thinking starts taking shape in real time.

You’ll note that we’ve published this in the Creative Commons, Attribution requested, Share-alike. That means you can use this content if you tell where you got it by giving the #orgdna community credit and a link, while displaying any derivative content in the same form, a Coggle mindmap.

Thanks for being a part of this exciting evolution.  We’ll see you online at hashtags #orgdna #futureofwork.

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