Perspectives: A Focus on Collaborative, Social and Team Learning

The best way to understand a complex topic is to gain lots of diverse input, to see what resonates. This is especially true when a group takes on new challenges, when problems are so often ill-defined.

The internet in general, but more specifically, platforms like Google, Twitter and now Medium, make this kind of discovery easier than ever.

This page will be dedicated to links and tweets that bring collaboratiive learning into full focus. It’s both the mode of aggregation, and the topic, a two for one special. I’ll annotate the discussion a bit, and eventually expand this as a Twitter Moment, perhaps even a Medium Series. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

I like to think of idea sharing in this space as a path toward social learning. But in the work context, the notion of team learning may be a better fit. As Sue says in this article, and as I learned when I explored collaboration more deeply, getting people to speak the same language is no small task. But it’s essential to any meaningful, useful conversation.

Here’s an excellent WSJ post from Sue Shellenbarger, to get things started:

Intrigued? Me too. These posts and this page are a step toward new thinking, as is our monthly Twitter chat, #orgdna.

The future of work is becoming a fascinating place to explore.

I hope you’ll return here for interesting content on collaborative, social and/or team learning. Or better yet, let me know your nominations for what to post here. A tweet will do nicely. For starters let’s try hashtags #orgdna #perspectives. I’ll paste the best of the best here.

Thanks for stopping in. Hope to see you online.

Chris Jones | Charlotte | December 2017

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