In any long-running dialog, there needs to be some overall context, a place to set direction. What are we talking about? What problems are we trying to address?

On this page we’ll outline our overarching vision, the “arc” of our discussion.

So let’s get to it.

  • What is the Future of Work?  That’s tough to answer, but it can’t be the status quo. Moving away from hierarchy and silos, we start finding places where information and power flow more freely. There’s an increased appetite for risk, fueled by candid, open dialog. Much is being said on this topic, and its unfolding dimensions. See Deloitte’s Tom Friedman interview. And use the hashtag #futureofwork in your tweets and posts, to help drive searchability to this important topic. We hope to spark new levels of cross-over engagement.
  • Do we have a Roadmap? In short, yes. We’ve used Coggle.It, a mind mapping tool, to capture the arc of #orgdna thinking. We just published v2. Let us know your thoughts.
  • Who’s in the conversation?  Since 2012, a self-selecting band of OD thinkers has been discussing the future of the organization. At first we used hashtag #cdna, but since 2016 we’ve been using the more intuitive #orgdna. The group continues to evolve, with over 20 active contributors. There is not cost or hurdle to joining, just the desire to contribute and to learn. And you’ll need Twitter. That’s where we come together, 3rd or 4th Mondays, 9-11pm ET.
  • Seriously, what can we accomplish?  In the abstract, solving problems may not seem meaningful. If we’re talking around issues in general terms, can we truly add value? Some of us think we can. Because sharing ideas and advancing our understanding raises the water level for all of us. We know more after a conversation then we did at the start. We add more voices, and more ideas. Next thing you know we’re sparking innovation in our jobs, for our clients, and even in our personal lives.

Routinely, as we look back on our conversations, we say: there’s something of value here.

So the dialog continues.

Want to know more? Drop me a line.

Please share any comments you have, and we’ll curate this page to reflect our latest thinking. And thanks, as always, for your contributions.

Chris aka @sourcepov | Charlotte NC US

P.S. Group planners have requested a Google Doc to serve as a scratchpad for feedback. A link to that document is in the #orgdna Twitter stream, as well as our Twitter dm planning thread. Feel free to add thoughts to the doc. We’ll be sure to bring the consensus ideas forward to this page, monthly.


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