Links in the REFERENCES and NOTES sections of this book have been copied here for quick access, as well as some key FIGURES.  New inputs and ideas from readers are posted below as well; some of these may be citations in the next edition.  Thanks for all the interest, the feedback is outstanding.

First, thanks to our THOUGHT LEADERS, the many insightful people whose ideas helped shape the book

Grateful to the many #INNOCHAT & INNOVATION THOUGHT LEADERS who contributed to core concepts; much of this may be found via the references provided in line, below:


  • CDNA Slideshare (PDF) – summary of the key points in the book, including the Reader’s Guide, and links to both Amazon and this site; forward this to others if you think they’d  have an interest; also available on LinkedIn.



NOTES (specific online citations, not covered above)

NEW FOR CDNA 2nd Edition!

  • Reader’s Guide (PDF): Navigation Aids, providing specific areas to focus for various groups of readers, including a list of Twitter hashtags where collaboration is often discussed or demonstrated

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