We’re excited to unpack and explore The DNA of Collaboration as a Virtual Book Tour, which you may see referenced from time to time via hashtag #cdnaVBT.  We’ll be doing this as a Twitter chat.  We hope it will be a great way to explore the book’s content, as well as getting to know Chris Jones, the author, better known online as @sourcepov.

ORGDNA : MON 9p:30-11pm ET.  Click here for the latest in the chat stream.

2015 OPEN CHAT. For 2015, we’ve turned to the community for input on topics of most interest in the organizational learning space. Topics of #culture and #leadership remain popular, as we take inventory of the challenges facing 21st century leaders. We’ll post the next topic on our home page. Join the conversation!

2014 TOPICS IN LEARNING.  In 2014 our conversations took an exploratory turn, as we delved into topics that challenged traditional boundaries of organization discussion. Transcripts for these conversations are included on each framing post:

  • Social Contracts
  • Critical Thinking

2013 COLLABORATIVE LEARNING Schedule.  We’ve launched a 2013 frame to delve into how learning works across practice areas like K12, Higher Education, OD, KM and Entrepreneurial Start-ups.  Below is the outline for these discussions:

2012 BOOK CONTENT Schedule.  We attacked many of the chapters already, with dates posted below. We’d love your input on priorities, sequence and other key themes in the book that we should unpack:

Chat Mechanics.  The venue for our discussion is an exciting one.  As reported by Forbes, twitter chats have taken social media by storm, modeling a unique and powerful collaborative dynamic. Our specific hashtag for the conversation will be #cdna. Most who participate use free tools or to monitor the flow of dialog, and to automatically append the hashtag to tweets of your own.  This creates a virtual chat room, a place for us to connect .. which is itself a key collaborative driver covered in Chapter 13 on “Space”.

More on the Book.  Want to get a feel for the book?  Use the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon to read excerpts from the first few chapters online.  You may also find our table of contents and reader page useful, because we’re posting updates and feedback.

As we like to say, this is more than a book .. it’s a conversation.  We hope you’ll join in!

– the @CollabDNA Team

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