#orgdna (ahead)

We’ve covered lots of ground in our first 3 years of conversation. Now it’s time to focus in a bit. We have developed a quarterly (3 month) structure for content this year, so create some critical mass.  The conversation will expand, as new faces and new voices join. But let’s start with this as our topic agenda for 2016:

  • QTR1  1Q16 “Transformation”
    • Building Blocks
    • The Transformational Leader
    • TBD: Campbell: The Hero’s Journey
    • TBD: Synthesis: What’s Ahead?
  • QTR2  2Q16 “Circles of Self”
    • Self Defined: Focus on the Individual
    • Self on Teams: Roles & Challenges
    • Self on the Larger Stage: Organizations & Communities
  • QTR3  “KT & Social Learning”
  • QTR4  “Cultural Dynamics”
    • Many Layers at Work
    • Handy: 4 Models
    • Diversity: Culture & Mindset
  • QTR5  “Leadership”
    • The 21stC Leader >> more

Have thoughts on this? Want to contribute content or help us moderate the conversation? Respond via tweet or dm to Chris Jones, host of this chat group.

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