Dialog for the 21st Century Organization: A Focus on Culture, Change and Learning

AMG152695b WeaveI had a fascinating exchange Saturday morning with Panteli Tritchew and Ken Gordon, sparked by a response from Mike Itzius. It was a spontaneous twitter chat (sometimes called ‘async’) that sparks from a tweet or two, aided by twitter-enabled phones with alerts on audible.

We brainstormed a few threads that run through the modern organization. Even in our short dialog, it was clear: there are so many interrelated threads, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s been a challenge for #cdna too, as it’s long been for leaders.

Where does change in an organization begin?

Since mid-2012, a group of us have chatted on these topics under the concise but obscure #cdna hashtag. The tag was short and sweet and it served us well. But with conflicting use now among genetic scientists and stock market traders, we need a new moniker.

In our impromptu Saturday chat, we touched on organization development (“OD”), change in general, and the various aspects of learning that weave in and out of these sometimes academic topics.

We didn’t mention, but have in the past, culture, the forces of social complexity, knowledge management (“KM”) and of course, the overarching umbrella of leadership. Those topics often get woven into our chats. Together, they are the fabric (resilient or otherwise) of the 21st century organization.

Add all that up and it’s one whopping hashtag.

But we must find a new one. A hashtag to focus the conversation must foster freedom and independence of new ideas. We can tap other tags (and their stakeholders!) as specific topics afford. I’ve found #orgchange #orglearn and #orgdev all have links back to individuals or corporate initiatives, and some great content. Tags like #leadership and #change need no introduction. We just need a twitter place to call our own.

What do you think? Here are some Q’s to help us sort it out:

Q1. Org Change – the action or the destination?
Q2. Org Leader – the critical catalysts?
Q3. Org Development – the practice and the mission?
Q4. Org Learning – the capacity .. & the missing link?
Q5. Org Complexity – the game changer (if we explain it?)
Q6. Org Culture – the ultimate enabler?

I hope you can join us MON 7/20 at 9:30p ET, 6:30p PT. We’ll take on each thread one by one, to see what kind of magic we might weave. By the end of the chat, we should have clarity on our new hashtag. Until then, we’re still #cdna ..

See you online!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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3 responses to “Dialog for the 21st Century Organization: A Focus on Culture, Change and Learning

  • Chris Jones

    As promised, here is the transcript from last night’s fantastic conversation on the 21st century organization ..

    Click to access cdna-2015-07-20-21corg.pdf

    A couple of us are working on how we generate additional feedback. Feel free to leave any comments here, or tweet them to #cdna. Another idea is to use candidate hashtags without the # for awhile in our intergroup tweets (as an adjective, e.g., “that’s how it works in a 21cOrg” .. or “that’s how it works in a LearningOrg” .. to see how it feels, and how it flows.

    After all, we’ve established ..
    So much in the LearningOrg is about flow, over structure ..

    Oh look at me, voting already 🙂



  • Chris Jones

    If you missed our finalists, we landed on these, with a few added from a look at the transcript and having some time to mull things over:

    #orgchat – many against burning characters w/ ‘chat’
    #odchat – (added) see comment above and below
    #orgdev – (in general use) is “OD” too restrictive?
    #LearningOrg – (added) long, but powerful
    #FutureOrg – does it sound dated, reminiscent of Toffler?

    I bolded what I perceive as front-runners ..
    Please, weigh in!



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