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Laloux Part 2: Wholeness (Dropping the Mask) MON 6/26 9pET #orgdna

It was great to see so much #orgdna community interest in Frederic Laloux’s 2-book series on “Reinventing Organizations”. Both are significant and fascinating. The traditional 2014 business book favors the long form analysis with case studies, end notes, etc. The 2016 illustrated workbook introduces the concepts in a lighter-weight mode, ideal for visual learners .. and twitter chats.

Chat participants should get your hands on Laloux RO-illustrated (2016), as we’ll be referring to it.

The basic structure of “RO-i” Part 2 has the following outline, which I’ve annotated to reflect our 3-month chat frame for summer 2017:

  • Self-Management5/15 chat (in the books, see transcript)
    • Orange vs. Teal, New Metaphors and Structures; a general discussion of Laloux and RO.
  • Wholeness (Dropping the mask) – 6/26 chat
    • Q1 Taking Risks
    • Q2 Common Ground
    • Q3 Safe Space incl. Meetings
    • Q4 Storytelling
    • Q5 Commitment & QWL
  • Evolutionary Purpose – 7/16 chat
    • Q1 Vision, Strategy & Change
    • Q2 Initial Conditions e.g., Culture
    • Q3 Holding the Space
    • Q4 Key Roles, incl. Leader/CEO

Much of this material we’ve covered in past conversations. But this framework builds on the ideas in interesting ways, perhaps even actionable ones?

Excited to find what we’ll learn from this, and where our conversation may take us.

Please plan to join us MON 6/26 at 9pmEDT. We recommend a streaming app like Tweet Deck. Just add #orgdna to your tweets, and we’ll talk then.


Chris Jones aka @sourcepov, Charlotte NC US

Frederic Laloux: On Reinventing Organizations, an Evolutionary Model

Many of us talk about change in our organizations, but few have been able to articulate a future state as clearly as Frederic Laloux. In Reinventing Organizations, he outlines a vision, examined both in historical context, and in contrast with other proto-evolutionary stages. For me, his comparitive approach is a useful mechanism to discuss a family of organizational cultures that are as familiar as they are dysfunctional.

I was introduced to the work of Laloux by #orgdna chat member/leader Christy Pettit (aka @odguru). I quickly found his content consistent with the theme’s we’ve been discussing. Thanks Christy!

Perhaps his most divergent, if not revolutionary, idea? Evolution driven by a next stage human of consciousness, further fueled by explicit linkages to complex adaptive systems. Echoes of Senge and Scharmer here of course. Definitely linkages to Wheatley. But there is some useful new thinking as well.

Here are 5 questions to frame our conversation. As always, we may diverge a bit ourselves, as the dialog evolves:

  • Q1. Evolutionary Purpose. A core theme for Laloux. Are his ideas actionable?
  • Q2. Teal, Amber, Red, et al. Do the colors used for Laloux’s organizational models resonate?
  • Q3. Linkages to Human Consciousness. This is a big step. Does it advance our thinking? Or distance it? [Note: The shift Laloux describes is fundamentally a change from Fear/Scarcity to Trust/Abundance. For me, in this more specific context, the abstract leap isn’t quite as hard to navigate as the ‘consciousness’ reference implies.]
  • Q4. Linkages to Complex Adaptive Systems. The implications for orgs and social change keep us wanting to learn more. How has Laloux advanced this?
  • Q5. Forward. What happens next? Are leaders and their organizations ready?

Lots to reflect on, for certain. And lots worth discussing.

Please join us Monday, 5/15/17, at 9:30pm ET, as we discuss Laloux and his ideas. Just add #orgdna to your tweets at the appointed time. To allow conversation, we suggest a streaming app like Tweetdeck, to make sure you see the tweets as they come in.

What is #orgdna !? It’s not just a hashtag. It’s a lively bunch of OD-minded change makers, congregating monthly to compare notes. I hope you will join us!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)


Sources and further reading:

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  • Jones, Chris. The DNA of Collaboration (2012). Amberwood Media Group. [Note: I like to think of my first book as a research guantlet, laying down foundations for what’s to come in OD. I pause to list it among these titles, but it contributes to the OD discussion, and it was the early genesis for this chat, started way back in 2012. More on the site you are on, if interested.]
  • Mitchell, Melanie. Complexity, A Guided Tour (2009). Oxford University Press.
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